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Cortes Island Evacuation Survey

Community Wildfire Protection Plan & Evacuation Plan Survey

Throughout the rest of 2020, the SRD will be updating the Cortes Island Community Wildfire Protection Plan (2011) and the Cortes Island Evacuation Plan (2016). The previous Community Wildfire Protection Plan and Evacuation Plans, were put together prior to the tenure of our current Protective Services Coordinator Shaun Koopman with little to no public input or consultation.  Shaun Koopman has been with the SRD since June 2016 and hopes that this time around the public input will be different.

The SRD originally planned to do public consultation in person, but unfortunately due to the physical distancing recommendations of COVID-19 an approach of an initial website/physical survey questionnaire followed by virtual of conference call based focus groups is a safe path forward.

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) assists local governments in identifying the risks of wildland/urban interface fire within and surrounding their communities. The Cortes Island Evacuation Plan establishes procedures for orderly and coordinated evacuation of the island in the event that a threat deems a portion of the island unsafe to occupy.

We hope that this engagement will help to reduce the wildfire risk, provide a better understanding of the evacuation requirements of Cortes Island and enhance both community resilience and relationship between residents and the emergency program.

Surveys may be submitted by:

  • Mail – Cortes Island addresses only.
    Return self-addressed envelope was included in SRD survey mailings (mid August).


  • Online – All Cortes Island residents and property owners.
    Complete the fillable survey below.

Survey submissions must be received by September 30, 2020.

All responses will be treated confidentially and we would like to hear if you have an opinion on this matter.
If you have additional thoughts on this topic that are not covered by the survey, please feel free to include them in the space provided.

For more information on this project:

Please contact Shaun Koopman, SRD Protective Services Coordinator at 250-830-6702 or