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Board & Committees

Board & Committees

Committee members are appointed by the Board and serve a one-year fixed term. In some committees there is a limit to the number of terms that a member may serve.

The Regional Board meets on a bi-monthly basis to consider a wide variety of matters within its mandate. The Regional Board may establish committees and commissions to assist with any aspect of administering or operating the services that it provides.

Committees and commissions currently in place include:

  • Committee of the Whole
  • Electoral Areas Services Committee
  • Municipal Services Committee
  • First Nations Relations Committee
  • Strathcona Gardens Commission

These committees normally meet once a month to consider matters that have been referred to them and to make recommendations back to the Regional Board.

Agendas and minutes for these committees are public, and anyone is welcome to attend. You can search the minutes from past meetings and view upcoming agendas on the Agenda and Minutes page.

2020 Board & Committee Elections

The following was passed at the Inaugural Board & Committee meetings:

  • Electoral Area Services Committee (January 15, 2020)
    Chair – Director Abram
    Vice Chair – Director Leigh
  • First Nations Relations Committee (January 29, 2020)
    Chair – Director Davis
    Vice Chair – Director Abram
  • Municipal Services Committee (January 29, 2020)
    Chair – Director Unger
    Vice Chair – Director Colborne
  • Regional Board (November 6, 2019)
    Chair – Director Babchuk
    Vice Chair – Director Unger
  • Strathcona Gardens Commission (January 29, 2020)
    Chair – Commissioner Adams
    Vice Chair – Commissioner Leigh