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Electoral Area C

See the Discovery Islands-Mainland Inlets regional information.

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Shouldering Project – Heriot Bay Road, Quadra Island

Heriot Bay Road Shouldering Project is underway from West Rd to Rebecca Spit Rd. Drivers can expect delays Tues May 28th through Fri June 14th from 8 am to 3 pm.

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Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets

Electoral Area C in the largest electoral area within the Strathcona Regional District (SRD), and covers approximately 10,650 square kilometres, including Quadra Island, Read Island, Redonda Island, Port Neville, Refuge Cove, Hardwick Island, East & West Thurlow Islands & Mainland Inlets.

The region boasts several islands and the intricate waterways that are known for amazing beaches, wildlife viewing and natural beauty. There is also an abundance of on-land activities to enjoy such as endless mountain biking trails, climbing sites, hiking routes, camping and parks. Visitors will find everything from fishing and kayak lodges to a floating post office.

The SRD helps to manage and maintain several parks and wharves on Quadra and Read Islands.View all of the SRD Area C parks here:

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