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Official Community Plan Review – Electoral Area D (Oyster Bay – Buttle Lake)

What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a principal planning document that provides guidance on the future growth and development of the community. It sets the long-term vision, providing goals and policies to guide decision making related to land use and development. The current OCP was adopted in 1996 and is being updated to reflect the needs and vision of the current community and address modern challenges.


In 2017, the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) initiated a process to review and update the Official Community Plan (OCP) for Electoral Area D, which includes lands and waters between Oyster Bay and Buttle Lake, including the Shelter Point and Stories Beach neighbourhoods south of Campbell River.

The project team completed a comprehensive engagement process that included; public information meetings, community visioning round table meetings, community focus group meetings, a public hearing, and a referrals process to engage public agencies and First Nations.

Community involvement is key to ensure the OCP reflects the ideas and input of the people who live and work in Area ‘D’ and speaks to the unique context of local concerns.  

Please consider sharing your input on various topics including:

  • Settlement Patterns and Housing Options,
  • Commercial and Industrial Land Uses,
  • Watersheds, Forestry, and Wilderness Recreation,
  • Agriculture,
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas,
  • Coastal Planning – storm surge, sea-level rise and coastal shoreline protection,
  • Parks and Greenways,
  • Servicing, and
  • Transportation

The Community Vision was developed by identifying the key valued characteristics of the present community including;

  • Green and open space
  • Fish and wildlife habitat
  • Trees, forests, nature
  • Quiet
  • Clean environment
  • Limited commercial development
  • Farms
  • Sense of safety
  • Sense of space
  • Beaches, waterfront walks

Get Involved – In person 

 Thursday October 5th, 2023  –  Oyster Bay Resort.
Drop in and have your say any time between 2PM and 7PM.

The SRD is encouraging Area D community members to get involved by attending an upcoming Community Review event.  Thank you to the community members of Area D for your responses to the online version of the OCP Feedback Questionnaire.  For those who did not get a chance to fill out the online version, the SRD is excited to announce details about the next OCP community event.

Copies of the draft OCP and more opportunities to provide feedback will be available. We hope to see you there!  The event will review key topics covered in the OCP:

  1. Land use (maps and designations)
  2. Density and Housing
  3. Services
  4. Parks and Trail Connections
  5. Climate Change and the Environment
  6. Transportation and Transit

The goal of the event is to ensure that the community values and vision accurately reflect the current community.


Please contact SRD Planning Services at 250-830-6718  |