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Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Funded through the Federal Gas Tax Fund

Energy Efficiency Upgrade is Underway at Strathcona Gardens

Two ice surfaces and mechanical & electrical building components are currently in the process of a complete upgrade. The new CO2 refrigeration plants, high efficiency boilers, domestic hot water tanks , air handling units and associated electrical work are part of the 4.6 million Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project (EEU) funded through the Federal Gas Tax Fund.

With today’s concern for the environment, energy efficiency and safety, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is now recognized as a much superior option over other synthetic refrigerants for these purposes. CO2 is a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable with low global warming potential and zero ozone deplete potential.

The switch out from an ammonia-based refrigeration system to a CO2 made the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex the first facility in the province to make this conversion.

Upcoming Scheduled Work

  • Phase 3 – Three Air Handling Units and Dehumidifier for arena 2 will be completed end of Jan. 2021.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current phase and timelines of the EEU Project?

Currently we are in Phase 3 of Construction:

  • Phase 1- Refrigeration CO2 Plants | Completed
    • Design & procurement April 2019
    • Construction winter 2019
  • Phase 2 – Energy Upgrade to Boilers & Hot Water Tanks| Completed
    • Design & procurement June 2019
    • Construction fall of 2019
  • Phase 3 – Energy Upgrade to Three Air Handling Units & Dehumidifier for Arena 2
    • Completed design & procurement winter 2019
    • Currently in construction phase, to be completed winter 2020/21
  • Phase 4 – Energy Upgrade to Pool Air Handling Units & Ice Melting Pit
    • Subject to REC-REATE Project approval

Has COVID-19 affected the timeline of Phase 3?

Yes. COVID-19 has posed many challenges to the timeline of the EEU project including the schedule of work and the acquisition of equipment, materials and other construction supplies.

What is the Strathcona Gardens Commission?

The Strathcona Gardens Commission is a group of individuals who are appointed by the Regional Board to make recommendations on such matters as capital improvements, as well as programs and services offered to the public at the Strathcona Gardens recreational facility.  The Commission comprises of individuals representing various constituencies served by the Strathcona Gardens:

  • City of Campbell River
    • Commissioner Andy Adams (Chair)
    • Commissioner Colleen Evans
  • Electoral Area D (Oyster Bay-Buttle Lake)
    • Commissioner Brenda Leigh
  • Community-at-Large
      • Commissioner Cal Grunerud

The Strathcona Gardens Commission has been working closely with the SRD’s project manager Wolfang Parada on strategic decisions for the EEU project.

What contractors were awarded the bid to replace the dehumidifier and air handling units?

The successful proponent for the air handling units and the dehumidifier is Nelson Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd.

Questions or more information on Strathcona Garden’s Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project?

Please contact Wolfang Parada, EEU Project Manager
250-830-6709 or

Project Communications


For questions or more information on the energy efficiency upgrade,
Please contact SRD’s Project Manager at 250-830-6700 or


New dehumidifier for arena No 2

Installation of pumps, heat exchanger and piping components of the energy recovery loop

Installation of air handling units 2, 3 & 4


High Efficiency Boilers

CO2 Package

Cooling Towers





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