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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOI)


In the event access is desired to a record not considered to be routine in nature a formal request should be made using the form provided, or an equivalent written request.

Important points to note when making an application:

  • the request must be made to the correct agency.  For example, a request for property assessment records should be directed to the British Columbia Assessment Authority instead of the Regional District.
  • the request must provide sufficient detail to enable compliance in an efficient manner.

Example Request #1 – “Please provide copies of all planning reports and studies undertaken over the last 10 years.”
Unacceptably broad – applicability to specific records open to interpretation; volume of research required would be disruptive to other operations.

Example Request #2 – “Please provide copies of planning reports and studies undertaken on the Campbell River watershed over the last 10 years.”
Acceptable – will require interpretation of some records for applicability, may require time extension for full compliance.

Example Request #3 – “Please provide copies of planning studies undertaken on the Campbell River watershed and published during 1999-2003.”
Best practice – request is precise, compliance assured within allowable timeframe.

Except where an individual is applying for records containing their own personal information a deposit of $25.00 is required to accompany a formal access request. This fee may be refunded or partially refunded depending on the results of the record search and the time required to prepare the records for disclosure. In some cases (particularly where extensive research and/or copying is required) additional fees may be charged for locating and retrieving records. The Regional District accepts payment by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard or debit card.  Cost estimates are available upon request.


Please contact the Regional District’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinator:

FOI Coordinator
Strathcona Regional District
990 Cedar Street
Campbell River, BC, V9W 7Z8
Tel: 250-830-6700

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