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Board of Directors

Meet the governing body of the Strathcona Regional District.

Governance Structure

The SRD has a Board of 14 directors comprising:

  • Four electoral area directors who are elected directly by rural area voters and serve four-year terms.
  • Nine municipal directors who are first elected to a municipal council by municipal voters and are then appointed by council to the Regional District board for a maximum term of four years at discretion of their councils.
  • A treaty First Nations director appointed by the Treaty First Nation.

Annually, the Board elects its Chair who establishes committees to deal with issues such as land use planning, the provision of services to member jurisdictions, and matters of governance.

Governance Resources


Director remuneration refers to the compensation or payment that Strathcona Regional District Board Members receive for their work, responsibilities and meeting attendance while serving the public.

Remuneration for members of the Board is paid in accordance with Bylaw No. 167 – Director Compensation Bylaw. Remuneration is adjusted annually to reflect cost of living changes.

  • Electoral Area Director compensation expenses are are pooled and paid for through electoral area taxation. Electoral area directors also receive supplemental compensation in accordance with Bylaw No. 359.
  • Municipal Director compensation is paid through pooled municipal taxation.
  • Chair remuneration for SRD Board and Committees is split 50/50. 50% is paid by Electoral Area taxation and 50% is paid by municipal taxation.
  • External Agency appointment compensation is paid by 50% of Electoral Area taxation and 50% of municipal taxation.

Board of Director Resources

Board of Directors – Contacts

Susan Sinnott (Vice-Chair)

Representing the City of Campbell River

Matthew Jack

Representing the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations

Michael Lott

Representing the Village of Gold River