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Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

For certain initiatives that require elector approval, local governments can use an alternative approval process instead of the assent voting process.

In this case, the local government advertises its proposed initiative in local papers, and it’s featured under the news and notices section of this website >

If less than 10% of eligible electors do not register their opposition the proposal may go ahead.  If at least 10% of the eligible electors oppose the proposal in the time period provided, the local government must obtain the assent of the electors by voting before it can proceed.


August 23, 2023 –  Public notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors for the Strathcona Regional District may proceed with final passage and adoption of Bylaw No. 342, being Strathcona Gardens Recreation Facility Loan Authorization Bylaw 2018, at its meeting of Wednesday, October 11, 2023 unless at least 10% of the eligible electors within the City of Campbell River and Electoral Area D (Oyster Bay-Buttle Lake) submit elector response forms not later than 12:00 noon on October 4, 2023.

Bylaw No. 342 would authorize borrowing up to $64,670,000 to be used for funding re-development of the Strathcona Gardens recreation complex with the debt to be repaid over a period not exceeding 30 years. Learn more at