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SRD Board & Committee Meetings

The Strathcona Regional District Board of Directors is conducting hybrid meetings with some directors attending in-person and others participating virtually.

Public Conduct at Public Meetings

The Strathcona Regional District promotes a safe, healthy, respectful, and positive environment for all members of the Board, public and staff.  Members of the public are not permitted to participate in meetings unless authorized by the Chair or as a delegation (see delegation process below).

Respectful behaviour includes:

  • listening quietly;
  • refraining from speaking;
  • not acting in an aggressive, bullying or harassing manner;
  • no rude or offensive language and
  • not causing an unnecessary delay of the meeting.

How to Request Delegation Status

Delegations wishing to make a presentation to the Board of Directors must provide a written request or submit the Delegation Request form available on the Regional District website prior to publication of the agenda for the meeting at which the delegation wishes to appear.  The request should be addressed as follows:

Corporate Officer
Strathcona Regional District
990 Cedar Street
Campbell River, BC V9W 7Z8
or e-mail to:

Public Hearings

Public Hearings are currently being conducted primarily in-person. Anyone who believes their interests are affected by a proposed bylaw(s) will be given an opportunity to be heard at public hearings during the comments portion of the hearings.  Should the Board determine that a public hearing is to be held through other means, either virtually via a link and/or by telephone, those participants who believe their interests are affected by a proposed bylaw(s) will be provided an opportunity during the comments portion of the hearings.