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New Energy Efficiency Upgrade is Underway at Strathcona Gardens

The two ice surfaces at Strathcona Gardens are currently in the process of a complete upgrade to the CO2 refrigeration system.

Campbell River, BC – The two ice surfaces at Strathcona Gardens are currently in the process of a complete upgrade to the CO2 refrigeration system as part of the 4.6 million Energy Efficiency Upgrade funded through the federal Gas Tax Fund.

With today’s concern for the environment, energy efficiency and safety, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is now recognized as a much superior option over other synthetic refrigerants for these purposes. CO2 is a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable with no-net greenhouse effect.  The switch out from an ammonia-based refrigeration system to a CO2 will make the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex the first facility in the province to make this conversion.

Since both ice sheets have come out, April 2 for Arena #2, and April 15 for the Rod Brind’Amour arena, the contractor for the replacement of the refrigeration System, CIMCO, has recovered all the ammonia and are currently decommissioning and removing the retired refrigeration plants.

“The aggressive project schedule has the contractors diligently working towards the first sheet of ice being open for programs and ice bookings, July 19, 2019”, said Trevor Fritz, Manager of Arena and Facility Operations.  “Staff are not currently anticipating a delay of opening, however, like any other renovation or construction project there are a number of variables and influencing factors that can happen along the way. Some of these factors can include cross border shipping delays or receiving other vital parts or equipment in time. ”

An energy retrofit to the boilers and domestic hot water system is set to begin the middle of June.  With the installation of the new boilers and the heat claim on the CO2 system, the facility will have the ability to capture as much energy as possible from both ice plants and use it efficiently in other areas of the facility.

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