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North CR Fire Service Proposal

In the summer of 2021, the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Board investigated the level of interest from properties in the Duncan Bay Road/Gordon Road and Race Point Road areas about receiving fire protection services from the City of Campbell River fire department. Currently, properties located in this area do not receive fire protection, however the Campbell River fire department has indicated that residents in the area have expressed an interest in being provided with this service.

Survey results from September 2021 showed that 96% of the households in the area asked the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) to continue investigating the feasibility of establishing a fire protection service for the properties in the Duncan Bay Road, Gordon Road and Race Point Road areas.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions below include the most common inquiries we received from the survey conducted in September, 2021.

Will residents in these areas be required to hook up to the City’s water system?

No this would be a fire services agreement only.

How would water be provided for fire suppression?

Race Point Road
As there are no hydrants in the area currently the Campbell River Fire Department would utilize their Water Tender to shuttle water from the closest water source to their portable dump tanks.

Duncan Bay Road / Gordon Road
There are existing hydrants already in this area. These operational hydrants are owned and maintained by the City of Campbell River. Areas with limited hydrants would have water shuttled with a water tender from the closest water supply.

What is the cost for this service?

The cost quoted by the City of Campbell River to provide this service is $31,241 annually for the entire service area. The SRD will need to explore this cost in greater detail with the City of Campbell River and look at the different cost recovery options available through property taxation that would fairly distribute the costs within the service area.

What is the anticipated the response times to these areas?

Based on travel distance from Firehall #1 (675 13th Avenue):
• Duncan Bay / Gordon Road = Approximately 10-13 minutes
• Race Point Road = Approximately 15 minutes

Note: Response times would vary depending on where the fire apparatus responds from at the time as they may not always be in the fire station.

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Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Shaun Koopman, SRD Protective Services Coordinator
250-830-6702  |