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If you are not in the area, please avoid visiting Sayward at this time.  Currently there are no critical infrastructure or residential homes impacted or at risk. Fire is believed to be human-caused.

Updates will be sent out as our regional Emergency Operation Centre receives them from the BC Wildfire Service via the SRD Alertable notification system.

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Open Fire Ban (Category 2 & 3) in Effect throughout the Region

As of noon on Thursday May 18th – Category 2 & 3 open burning is not permitted throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction.

OPEN BURNING (Category 2 & 3) IS NOT PERMITTED throughout the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdiction as of noon on Thursday May 18th.
Category 1 fires campfires/beach fires that are a half-metre high by a half-metre wide or smaller, or cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes are still permitted everywhere. EXCEPT on beaches in the South Quadra Island Improvement District because beach fires in this area are banned all year.

To report open burning concerns, please contact:

In the SRD Electoral Areas listed below, please call the Coastal Fire Centre at 250-951-4222.
• All of Electoral Area A (Sayward Valley)
• All of Electoral Area B (Cortes Island)
• All of Electoral Area C (Quadra & Discovery Islands) EXCEPT the area within the Quadra Island Improvement District
• All of Electoral Area D (Oyster Bay / Buttle Lake) EXCEPT for the area within the Black Creek / Oyster Bay Fire Protection Local Area.
These areas reside under provincial legislation (BC Wildfire Act) because the SRD does not have a bylaw for these areas that speaks to the lighting and open fire.
All other fire protection areas in the Regional District (see below) are also implementing their own Category 2 and 3 burning bans.
Please contact the following numbers to report open burning concerns:
• Black Creek / Oyster Bay Local Fire Protection Area | 250-830-7155.
• City of Campbell River | 250-286-6266
• South Quadra Island Improvement District | 250-285-3262
• Village of Gold River | 250-283-2522
• Village of Sayward | 250-282-5505
• Village of Tahsis | 250-934-6666
• Village of Zeballos | 250-761-4229

Stay Informed

Learn more about restrictions or which fire protection area you reside in please visit