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Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Funded through the Federal Gas Tax Fund

Existing Ammonia Refrigeration Equipment Being Decommissioned /Removed

New Energy Efficiency Upgrade is Underway at Strathcona Gardens

The two ice surfaces are currently in the process of a complete upgrade to the CO2 refrigeration system as part of the 4.6 million Energy Efficiency Upgrade funded through the Federal Gas Tax Fund.  With today’s concern for the environment, energy efficiency and safety, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is now recognized as a much superior option over other synthetic refrigerants for these purposes. CO2 is a natural, non-toxic, non-flammable with no-net greenhouse effect.  The switch out from an ammonia-based refrigeration system to a CO2 will make the Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex the first facility in the province to make this conversion.

Current Status

  • Decommissioning and removal of existing ammonia plant and its components; this includes underfloor system purge and evacuate
  • Design of energy efficiency upgrade (stage 1) completed
  • Invitation to Tender (stage 1) uploaded on BC bid 

Next Steps

  • Installation of the new CO2 plan and its components
  • Analysis of bids, recommendation to Board and award of contract to supply, install and commission energy recovery components (stage 1)
  • Design and procurement of Energy Efficiency components (stage 2)

Project Completion

  • All stages of this project are scheduled to be completed in fall 2020.

Project Communications


For questions or more information on the energy efficiency upgrade,
Please contact SRD’s Project Manager at 250-830-6700 or