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Strathcona Community Health Network

About the health network.

What is a Community Health Network?

Community health networks bring together people from wide-ranging backgrounds, roles and perspectives to act on issues that impact health and well-being in their communities. The focus is on complex issues.

Why Does it Matter?

A Community Health Network in the Strathcona region provides a mechanism for citizens working and living in the regional district to come together and speak with a collective voice on health issues and share ideas and resources to build healthier communities.  The Network aims to improve health and well-being and focus on the social determinants of health.

Who Participates?

Members of the Community Health Network include:

  • Citizens
  • Local organizations
  • Municipalities
  • First Nations
  • Government
  • Island Health

Funding and Partners

Funding for the Strathcona Community Health Network is provided by:

Our partners include:


If you want to know more about the Strathcona Community Health Network please contact:

Libby King
Strathcona Community Health Network