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SCCNC – Strathcona Connected Coast Network Corporation


The Strathcona Connected Coast Network Corporation (SCCNC) was incorporated to own, manage and operate a regional broadband infrastructure on Vancouver Island.

The SCCNC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Strathcona Regional District (SRD).  The SCCNC entered a joint venture partnership with CityWest to plan, implement and operate the Connected Coast Project. This project will bring high-speed Internet accessibility to rural and remote communities along coastal BC, Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island. The network includes 3,400 km of subsea fibre optic cable which will provide broadband infrastructure to 159 landing sites. Construction of the network will be completed in 2023. Once the subsea cable is in place and landing sites are constructed, internet service providers will be able to connect to the infrastructure and then provide internet services to residents and businesses. Funding for the $45.4 million Connected Coast project has been secured through provincial and federal government programs.

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SCCNC Board of Directors

The purpose of the SCCNC Board is to advise on the overall strategic direction of the organization.  The board is comprised of a minimum of 5 and not more than 7 directors. Directors will have a term of office commencing on the date of the annual general meeting they are elected or appointed and terminating immediately prior to the election or appointment of directors at their second annual general meeting (two-year term).

The following Board Members were appointed in April 2021:

  • Richard Franklin (Chair)
  • Ben Hyman (Vice-Chair)
  • Thomas Darcie
  • Rod Nugent
  • Shannon Baikie
  • David Leitch (SRD)
  • SRD Board Appointed Observers – Mark Baker & Ron Kerr (2023)

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SRD Fibre-Optic Home Connections

The Connected Coast Project will provide subsea high speed fibre optic cable to communities along the BC Coast and around Vancouver Island.  Once this ‘Backbone’ fibre reaches a community, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will connect to the fibre cable and offer internet service directly to residential and commercial properties, providing a ‘Last Mile’ connection.  Internet services will be provided by CityWest for some communities. Learn more and sign up for your fibre optic home installation today.

Funding for last-mile solutions will be pursued when programs become available.  If your neighbourhood or community does not have access to 50 Mbps download/10 mbps upload internet speeds, please email