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Please visit our 2018 Local General Elections section on this website for information, links, resources and more to help prepare you for the upcoming local government general elections, School District 72 Board elections, the Cortes Island Community Hall Service, and Cortes Island First Responder Service Referendums.


Find everything you need to know about the SRD bylaws.

What Are Bylaws?

A bylaw is a rule or law established by an organization or local government to both regulate itself and the people it serves. Bylaws can be enacted for various reasons, to establish a set of commonly adhered to policies or rules, to detail a service to be provided, or to outline a process or regulation.

In general, bylaws are enacted and fall into one of the following categories:

  • Establishing a service
  • Authorizing the imposition of rates and levies to pay for services
  • Regulating persons or their property for the general public good
  • Regulating processes or procedural matters related to the governance or administration within the local government

The bylaws you find listed below are some of the most commonly requested bylaws, many of which are in consolidated form, and is not a full and complete listing of all Strathcona Regional District bylaws. These versions are provided for information and research purposes only. To obtain a certified true copy of any Strathcona Regional District bylaw, please contact the corporate services branch at or by phone at 250-830-6700.