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United Steelworkers Union strike action impacts Strathcona Gardens services until further notice.
Access to aquatic facility & weight/fitness areas suspended
❌ All SRD programs/lessons canceled
✅ The arenas remain open for all booked ice users
We apologize for any inconvenience.  Call 250-830-6744 for ice bookings.
Facility Impacts & FAQs


Stay Safe by Staying Informed

When events happen organizations issue alerts that notify those in affected areas so that they can take steps to protect themselves and their family, loved ones, friends and pets.

The SRD offers a free emergency notification service through the Connect Rocket system to keep residents, visitors and businesses informed of emergencies in a timely manner.  Emergency notifications are delivered by both text message and voice calls to landlines and cell phones to people who subscribe to receive them at

About SRD’s Connect Rocket

  • Landline and cellphone numbers will be called from 778-762-3201. Please program this number into your phone. If you have programmed this number into your phone and it still shows up as ‘Unknown Number’ on your call display contact your telecommunications provider.
  • Visitors can sign-up temporarily for the number of days they are in the region.
  • Many different notification lists are available based on geography (individual islands, legal jurisdictions) and hazard (floodplains, tsunamis)
  • Emergency personnel must have access to the internet in order to implement a call from Connect Rocket.
  • Currently British Columbia does not have an Earthquake Early Warning system so Connect Rocket cannot be used to let you know the ground will start shaking.

If you know someone who wishes to receive notifications but does not have internet access, please sign-up for them or have them call the Strathcona Emergency Program at 250-830-6702.

Other Alert & Notification Systems

SRD Emergency Program Social Media Channels