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If you are not in the area, please avoid visiting Sayward at this time.  Currently there are no critical infrastructure or residential homes impacted or at risk. Fire is believed to be human-caused.

Updates will be sent out as our regional Emergency Operation Centre receives them from the BC Wildfire Service via the SRD Alertable notification system.

Sign up at SRD.CA/ALERTS


When emergency/critical events happen, the SRD issues alerts to notify those in affected areas so the appropriate steps can be taken to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The SRD offers a free emergency notification service to keep residents, visitors and businesses informed of emergencies in a timely manner by both, text message and voice calls to landlines and cell phones to people who subscribe to receive them.

The SRD switched to Alertable as our public emergency mass notification service on May 2nd, 2022.

If you had an account with our previous system Connect Rocket, your information will be transferred into Alertable. If you did not previously have an account, then please set one up, by clicking  HERE >.

Why are we using Alertable?

Our previous system would call landlines, call cellphones and text cellphones. That feature will not change, however, Alertable provides additional ways to notify you when protective actions need to be taken.

For example, alerts can also be sent via a mobile app with an “Override Silent Mode” feature for critical alerts, via the following methods

The Alertable apps are free and can be downloaded from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker. Downloading the app is not mandatory though, even without the app you will still receive phone calls and text messages. Alertable will cover every community in the SRD, precisely the same way Connect Rocket did.

When signing up, anyone with call control will not receive the access code to sign up for phone alerts.  You must temporarily turn off call control to receive the Alertable access code.

Learn more about the Alertable Notification Service on YouTube HERE>

If you know someone who wishes to receive notifications but does not have internet access, please sign-up for them or have them call the Strathcona Emergency Program at 250-830-6702.


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