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Please visit our 2018 Local General Elections section on this website for information, links, resources and more to help prepare you for the upcoming local government general elections, School District 72 Board elections, the Cortes Island Community Hall Service, and Cortes Island First Responder Service Referendums.


Financial planning, annual reports and more.

The Financial Services Division is responsible for financial administration of the services provided to the public within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Regional District.

The Finance team at the SRD is responsible for expense administration, general finance management and revenue administration. Included within those categories is everything from the administration of employee benefits and payroll, to the completion of annual financial planning and financial reporting.

Expense Administration
Accounts Payable
Payroll and Benefits Administration
Board of Directors and Staff Expense Claims

General Financial Management
Financial Planning and reporting
Reserves and Investment Management
Asset Management
Debt Management

Revenue Administration
Accounts Receivable
Municipal and Provincial Requisitions
User Fees and Utility Billing