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The situation regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve.  The health and safety of our communities are our top priority and we will continue to keep you informed.

Quarterly Reporting

The purpose of quarterly financial reporting is to provide a snapshot to the Regional Board, Committees, and Commissions how the Strathcona Regional District is doing compared to budget/financial plan and compared to the prior year.


Regular financial reporting to management and Board provides:

  • Transparency and accountability of the SRD’s financial activity
  • Regular updates to the Board members and public about SRD project statuses
  • Early warning of any potential budget concerns or future budget amendments


The SRD completes two quarterly reports per year. The second quarter as mid-year check point and the third quarter provides valuable information to the Regional Board, Committees, and Commissions going into pre-budget sessions in November for one-on-one budget sessions with Electoral Area directors and for business case presentations for potential service enhancements. The third quarter report will also identify any potential carry forward projects expected to be carried into 2020 Financial Planning.


The first and fourth quarter will not be presented in this format as the first quarter does not provide a lot of information at the start of the year just following budget finalization, and the fourth quarter update will be presented with the year-end audit.


The SRD’s financials have been broken into sections for financial reporting to ensure those respective audiences are presented the information most relevant to them. The categories as presented are the same as what was presented in the 2019-2023 Financial Plan package. The quarterly updates for Corporate and Regional services are being presented to the SRD Regional Board as all participants pay into these services. This includes member municipality functions which relate to administration and debt repayment through MFA. The Electoral Area services quarterly updates are being presented to the Electoral Area Services Committee and the Strathcona Gardens quarterly updates are being presented to the Strathcona Gardens Commission. If you would like to see those respective quarterly reports please see those respective reports. Note that Appendix D of the Corporate report includes the details of all service areas for your reference.