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Electoral Area C – Discovery Islands-Mainland Inlets Parks

Boasting several magnificent islands and intricate waterways.

Area C Recreation Opportunities

There is a wide variety of outdoor adventuring to be had in and around the Discovery Islands-Mainland Inlets. This area boasts several magnificent islands and the intricate waterways that weave between them. Visitors will find everything from fishing and kayak lodges to a floating post office. Area ‘C is becoming a well-known destination point due to its abundance of mountain biking and rock climbing sites.

The SRD helps to manage and maintain several parks and wharves on Quadra and Read Islands, including:

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Blenkin Memorial Park​

Location: Quadra Island (Area C)
West Road
Category: Community Recreation

Quadra Community Centre


Skateboard Park

Tennis Court

bike park

baseball diamonds, equestrian ring & trails.

bike trails

History: Blenkin Park has been the site of the Quadra Island Community Centre since the 1918. The Community Centre has been operated by the Quadra Island Recreation Society (QIRS) since 1954. In 1996 the park was allocated to the Regional District by the Provincial Government. QIRS continues to operate the park and community centre.
Natural Features: Second growth forest, riparian areas and streams, wildlife habitat

Esplanade Park


Quadra Island (Area C)

Esplanade Road

Amenities: Trails, waterfront, benches
History: In 2013 the regional district obtained a permit over the Esplanade Road right-of-way and foreshore in Heriot Bay, to operate the area as a park.
Natural Features: Second growth forest, sensitive bluffs, shoreline, rocky beach

Granite Bay Park


Quadra Island (Area C)

Granite Bay

Category: Public Wharf
Amenities: Wharf, boat ramp, parking, picnic benches
History: In 2009, the Regional District partnered with local businesses and residents to improve the wharf facility, including construction and installation of a new wharf head, ramp, and floating dock. Th wharf provides an important transportation access point for residents and recreational users.
Natural Features: Foreshore, beach
Links: Map

Hoskyn Channel Landing


Quadra Island (Area C)

Hoskyn Channel

Category: Public Wharf
Amenities: Wharf, boat ramp, parking
History: Built by the Comox Strathcona Regional District in partnership with local residents in 2004.  This remote facility offers a floating dock that is an important transportation access point for the community.  Local residents provide ongoing maintenance and are proud of this great community asset.
Natural Features: Foreshore, beach

John Kim Nature Sanctuary


Read Island (Area C)

Tipton Road



Natural Features:

Second growth forest, wildlife habitat

History: In 2010, the Strathcona Regional District gratefully accepted a land donation which resulted in a new park being created on Read Island. The new park, ‘John Kim Nature Sanctuary’, is a 1.86 ha (4.6 acre) forested property located just inland from Surge Narrows on Read Island. Gifted by Eileen Sowerby and land partners, the property will be preserved as a natural park area in memory of Eileen’s beloved son John McKim Millar. By protecting this ecological gift, time should allow for mature forest characteristics to naturally develop in this second growth forest, while providing wildlife with a protective forest canopy as well as other benefits. With The Nature Trust of BC holding a covenant, the Strathcona Regional District will be assisted by the Surge Narrows Community Association to steward the park’s growth in the spirit in which this gift was intended.

Quadra School Garden


Quadra Island (Area C)

Heriot Bay Road

Category: Community Park
Amenities: Trails, benches
Links: Map