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Electoral Area D Water

Learn about SRD's water distribution network & contacts.

The Strathcona Regional District owns and maintains the Electoral Area D Water Service which provides high quality drinking water to approximately 1,135 homes and businesses from the Jubilee Parkway to York Road. The majority of these services are for residential properties. The distribution network consists of 29.3 kilometers of water main, 110 hydrants, 340 valves, and pressure reducing valves at McGimpsey Road and Storrie Creek.

Throughout the year, the Strathcona Regional District restricts water usage in order to ensure residents have enough water to meet their basic needs. Generally, the Strathcona Regional District maintains Stage 1 restrictions year round, and if required, increasing the restriction in the hotter summer months.

Any change to water restrictions will be advertised in the local media, shared through the SRD Facebook page, and posted on this site.

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Report a leak Property Services Representative 250-830-6718
Report a water or system problem Property Services Representative 250-830-6718
Request a medical exemption Property Services Representative 250-830-6718
Ask about rates Chief Financial Officer 250-830-6705
Request a meter installation Environmental Services Coordinator 250-830-6719
Request a new lawn permit Property Services Representative 250-830-6718 or
Ask about water conservation or irrigation bylaw Water Hotline 250-203-1820 or
Report an irrigation bylaw contravention Water Hotline 250-203-1820 or