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Water Rates & FAQ’s

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) is focused on delivering a sustainable water system for Electoral Area D by pursuing grant funding opportunities and ensuring the rates charged cover the costs of bulk water purchased from the City of Campbell River, as well as ongoing operations, capital maintenance and upgrades to the water system.

The SRD applied for a feasibility study grant which, if successful, will provide an opportunity to create a more robust case to put forward when grant funding opportunities arise for Universal Water Metering in the area.

Rate increases reflect the cost of delivering a potable, reliable water supply.
Ongoing water conservation efforts by maintaining or reducing current consumption is the best option to keep costs down. The less water used, the less purchased.

Here is a comparison of the recent rates:

Fee Type



Metered Properties
Residential – per cubic meter  $1.66 $1.91
Residential – user fee $510 $588
Non-Residential – per cubic meter $1.78 $2.05
Non-Residential – user fee $555 $640
Non-Metered Properties
Residential – user fee $980 $1,129
Non-Residential – user fee $1,470 $1,694

Electoral Area D Water Rates FAQ

Why have the rates increased?

The cost for this service has significantly increased as the SRD purchases water from the City of Campbell River at a bulk water rate per cubic meter and this rate has been increasing over the past five years, as well as ongoing increases to consumption of water in Electoral Area D.

What methods of payment are currently accepted?

  • Email billing  |  Please contact or 250-830-6717 to receive utility invoices by email.
  • On-line banking  |  Available using your financial institution’s bill payment service.
  • Mailed cheque  |  Cheques with detachable portion of bill can be mailed to 301-990 Cedar St., Campbell River, B.C. V9W 7Z8. Cheques can be postdated to the due date.
  • In person payment  |  Visit the SRD Customer Service Centre, #103 – 990 Cedar St., Campbell River, B.C. and pay by debit card, Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash.

 What is the billing cycle & when must water bills be paid?

Non-metered properties – Are billed semi-annually (Spring & Fall). The full user fee amount must be paid by year-end.

Metered properties – Are billed on a quarterly basis. The full user fee amount, plus the amount for water used above the allocated volume, must be paid by year-end.

Amounts must be paid within 60 days of invoice. Any amounts outstanding by year-end will be transferred to the Province for collection and start to accrue interest. The Surveyor of Taxes will send reminders early in the new year for amounts owing, and then any unpaid balances will be included on property tax notices.

SRD utility invoices are issued for the fiscal year; any amounts owing from previous years are due to the Surveyor of Taxes.

What is SRD doing to manage costs for providing this service?

The SRD is currently in the process of replacing the aging bulk water meters and chambers with new state-of-the-art meters and kiosks. This will ensure the most accurate readings possible with data being collected by the second. This granular level of data will improve the ability to detect leaks within the distribution system and will make certain that the volume of water being charged for is precise.

In addition, the SRD is in the process of preparing the required components for the next potential opportunity to apply for grant funding for the universal installation of residential meters. It is our hope that by being “shelf-ready” for the next opportunity we will be more successful in being awarded funding.

Do water user rates pay for other SRD costs and services?

No. All SRD’s services are self-funding, meaning all tax requisitions or utility rates are utilized to provide that particular service and cannot be used for other purposes. Any surpluses in that service are transferred to reserve to cover future costs, fund capital improvements, or provide matching grant funds.

Of the costs to maintain the Area D water service, 65-75 per cent fund bulk water purchases, 15-20 per cent fund operations and maintenance of the system, and the remaining 5-20 per cent fund other operating costs and reserve transfers to offset future capital and maintenance costs.

Can I install a water meter and move to the metered rate?

Residents of Electoral Area D have the option to pay $1,500 for an installed water meter on their property. Moving to a metered rate would ensure that property owners are only paying the annual user fee plus the actual cost of their property’s water consumption that is over the minimum allowable consumption.

For more information regarding water meters, please email or call 250-830-6719.

What is the water charge on my property taxes for?

The Electoral Area D water service is funded by a combination of utility user fees (explained above), grants, and property tax requisition.

The property tax requisition for water is based on the assessed value of your home therefore high assessed properties will pay more than a lower assessed property.  See any recent Financial Plan document for more information regarding rate history and allocation.

I still have some questions, who should I contact?




Report a leak Property Services or 250-830-6718
Report a water or system problem Property Services or 250-830-6718
Request a medical exemption Property Services or 250-830-6718
Billing enquiries or rates Finance Services or 250-830-6700
Request a meter installation Engineering Services or 250-830-6719
Request a new lawn permit Property Services or 250-830-6718
Water conservation or irrigation bylaw enquiries Engineering Services or 250-830-6719
Report an irrigation bylaw contravention Bylaw Compliance or 250-830-6718