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Wood Stove Exchange Program

Learn about the program available to eligible property owners.

About the Program

The Strathcona Regional District still has a few spots left in the provincially funded Wood Stove Exchange program.

The program offers property owners within the SRD a $250 rebate as an incentive to swap out old, inefficient stoves for new, high-efficiency models. This will help you to reduce the amount of wood burned and help improve regional air quality. All new stoves which have a CSA-/EPA certification are eligible. To participate, homeowners need to provide evidence that the old stove has been decommissioned, and the new stove has been installed in compliance with building codes.

For more information regarding the program – and to request a refund package – please call the office at 250-830-6700, or send an email to

The Strathcona Regional District’s wood stove exchange program is made possible through funding from the provincial Ministry of Environment.