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Electoral Areas

Specific information pertaining to our four electoral areas.

Borders of the Regional District

The Strathcona Regional District is made up of four electoral areas. The borders extend from the Oyster River in the south to Gold River, Sayward, Tahsis, Zeballos and Kyuquot-Nootka in the north and west, and east to Cortes Island, Quadra Island and the Discovery Islands as well as a portion of the adjacent mainland north of Powell River.

  • Electoral Area A – Kyuquot/Nootka-Sayward
    Electoral Area A covers approximately 9,050 square kilometres and is comprised of the Villages of Gold River, Tahsis & Zeballos. The region runs from the northern boundary of the City of Campbell River to just north of the Village of Sayward, and extends west to the western shore of Vancouver Island, including the world-famous Kyuquot Sounds and Nootka Sound.
  • Electoral Area B – Cortes Island and the surrounding Archipelago Island
    Electoral Area B includes all of Cortes Island and the surrounding Archipelago Islands and is the smallest region within the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) at just under 330 square kilometres.
  • Electoral Area C – Discovery Islands and Mainland Inlets
    Electoral Area C in the largest electoral area within the SRD and covers approximately 10,650 square kilometres, including Quadra Island, Read Island, Redonda Island, Port Neville, Refuge Cove, Hardwick Island, East & West Thurlow Islands & Mainland Inlets.
  • Electoral Area D – Oyster Bay – Buttle Lake
    Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Electoral Area D covers just under 1,850 square kilometres. The area runs from Jubilee Parkway to the Oyster River and east into the Strathcona Provincial Park.