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Strathcona Community Health Network

What is a Community Health Network?

Community health networks bring together people from wide-ranging backgrounds, roles and perspectives to act on issues that impact health and well-being in their communities. The focus is on complex issues.

Why Does it Matter?

A Community Health Network in the Strathcona region provides a mechanism for citizens working and living in the regional district to come together and speak with a collective voice on health issues and share ideas and resources to build healthier communities.  The Network aims to improve health and well-being and focus on the social determinants of health.

Who Participates?

Members of the Community Health Network include:

  • Citizens
  • Local organizations
  • Municipalities
  • First Nations
  • Government
  • Island Health

Community Data Profiles

The Strathcona Community Health Network (SCHN) started a project to compile health and wellness data for the communities in the Strathcona region in 2018. The project was completed in 2019 with Island Health Wellness Grant funding.

Campbell River Housing Engagements

In May 2019 the Health Network partnered with Campbell River and District Coalition to End Homelessness to engage residents in Campbell River by providing information, resources and examples of affordable housing, and opportunities for conversations to discuss hopes, dreams and concerns.

The four major findings from the engagements were that Campbell River residents want:

  • More affordable housing to rent and to own
  • Greater diversity in housing types, such as townhouses, tiny homes, and apartments
  • Better regulation to encourage affordable and diverse housing
  • More infill and density with access to transport networks and amenities

Funding and Partners

Funding for the Strathcona Community Health Network is provided by:

Our partners include:

SCHN Travel Subsidy

Strathcona Community Health Network (SCHN) appreciates that some people make significant travel arrangements to participate in person in SCHN meetings. SCHN greatly values participation and helps by off-setting a portion of travel costs. Travel subsidies will be offered on a “per request” basis. Download the Travel Subsidy form HERE.


If you want to know more about the Strathcona Community Health Network please contact:

Libby King
Strathcona Community Health Network  Coordinator