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COVID-19 Updates & Resources

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Upcoming Meetings & Events

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    • Due to the orders of the CMHO regarding limits on gatherings and social distancing, the Board’s meeting schedule has been disrupted.
    • We realize that the disruption causes inconvenience and hardship for persons waiting for decisions on rezonings, service initiatives and other matters of importance.
    • The Province of BC has recently passed an order which allows local councils and regional boards to hold meetings while excluding the public.
    • We have found a technological solution that allows directors to participate electronically in meetings so that the important business of the Board can continue during the current state of emergency.
    • We will continue to update the public through the SRD website regarding the status of meetings on the current calendar.
    • During the current state of emergency, meetings are being recorded and available online, as of April 15, 2020.


Sayward Clean Up Days 2020

Household waste that is too large for regular curbside collection & recyclables that normally need to be taken to Campbell River can be discarded on Sayward Clean-Up Days