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West Coast Transportation Study

Strathcona Regional District Wants to Hear About Your Transportation Needs

The SRD invites community members to provide input on transportation needs and opportunities through online and paper surveys, available from now until August 31st, 2022. The transportation survey is open to community members within the larger SRD area including First Nations and Electoral Area A but does not include Electoral Area B (Cortes Island), Electoral Area C (Discovery Islands) or the southern part of Electoral Area D (south of Campbell River) in this study.

The survey is part of a larger study initiated by the Strathcona Regional District to identify options for providing public transportation to people living in small or remote communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The intent is to determine whether public transportation is feasible for connecting members of these communities to larger regional centres.

Community feedback matters and will help us understand the following:

  • Existing regional travel patterns
  • Willingness to use a public transportation service
  • Acceptable round-trip fares
  • Other ideas on how to improve transportation options in your community

In mid-2022, WATT Consulting Group was chosen to identify and evaluate options for establishing one or more public transportation services to connect west coast communities with Campbell River.

As part of this study, the project team is conducting widespread public engagement as well as outreach in various communities in the Strathcona Regional District. The engagement is a mix of online, paper, and mailout surveys that will be conducted over a six-week period, starting July 19, 2022 and ending August 31, 2022. In addition to the surveys, WATT will be reaching out to seniors groups, community groups, and regional organizations like VIHA, FNHA, BC Transit, etc. to further understand community transportation needs and assess opportunities for collaboration with respect to transportation.

Based on the feedback received, WATT will then develop options for transportation as well associated service levels (how many days a week service will run and how often) and costs for these options. Costs will take into consideration local climate, topography, and their effect on a transportation service that operates in these conditions.

Paper Surveys are Available at the Following Locations:


  • Village of Tahsis Office
  • Tahsis Building Supply
  • Tahsis Supermarket
  • Tahsis Recreation Centre

Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k:tleset’h First Nations

  • Kyuquot Post Office
  • KCFN Administration Office
  • KCFN Health Clinic

Gold River

  • Village of Gold River Office
  • Village Co-op Board
  • Gold River Post Office

Village of Sayward

  • Village of Sayward office
  • Sayward Valley RV Park
  • Sayward Primary Health Centre



What is the purpose of the transportation study?

The Regional District is looking to identify options for providing public transportation to residents living in small or remote communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The intent is to determine whether public transportation is a feasible alternative for connecting residents of these communities to larger regional centres.

The study area is shown on the map located HERE>.

How did the study originate?

The various municipal, electoral area and First Nations directors on the Regional District Board reached a decision earlier this year to undertake the study as a way of supporting individual community initiatives that have been exploring this issue for some time.

How will the study be done?

The Regional District has retained the services of WATT Consulting Group in Victoria to identify and evaluate options for the service. As part of this process, WATT developed an engagement plan that will be implemented over the summer. The engagement plan includes surveys and questionnaires, as well as discussions with community representatives and stakeholder groups throughout the study area.

Can interested individuals participate in the study?

Yes, individuals can participate through their community representatives or by completing a survey which will help to inform the Regional District of their perspectives on issues related to public transportation. Access online survey >

When will the study be completed and the results made public?

It is anticipated that the engagement plan will be completed over the summer of 2022 and the results will then be analyzed by WATT Consulting which will develop some transportation service options based on the feedback received. Once the costs and service levels have been fully explored, a report will be presented to the Regional Board in the fall of 2022.

Will the Regional District commit to implementing any of the transportation options identified in the study?

Whether any specific option is to be implemented will depend on a number of factors including cost and practicality. Once the study results have been provided to the Regional Board, decisions will need to be made whether it is feasible to proceed with the implementation of any of the options that have been identified.

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