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Wood Stove Exchange Program

The SRD is offering it’s Wood Stove Exchange Program once again this year which provides an opportunity for property owners to receive a $250 rebate, effective January 1st, 2021. The rebate is being offered on a first-come, first­ served basis to residents interested in swapping their old wood stove for a new, low emission model.

If you live in in the villages of Gold River, Tahsis, Sayward, Zeballos and the four electoral areas and you have been thinking about upgrading your wood stove, now is the time. There is a limited supply of rebates and offer expires December 31, 2021.  All new stoves which have a CSA-/EPA certification are eligible.

To qualify for the Wood Stove Rebate Exchange Program, (prior to submitting your voucher application), please ensure you have answered all required criteria under the heading “REBATE CHECKLIST” found on page two of this brochure.  To participate, homeowners need to provide evidence that the old stove has been decommissioned, and the new stove has been installed in compliance with building codes.

The Strathcona Regional District’s Wood Stove Exchange Program is made possible through funding from the provincial Ministry of Environment.

For more info:

For further info:

Please contact the SRD office at 250-830-6718 or


What wood stoves are eligible for replacement?
Please refer to provincial guidelines at: Your participating retailer can help you to identify whether your existing wood stove qualifies for replacement.

  • Free-standing non-EPA certified stove
  • Barrel stove
  • Homemade stove
  • Non-EPA-certified fireplace insert or tube type heat exchanger with a face plate and door that is installed in an open-hearth fireplace
  • Non-EPA-certified wood furnace
  • Wood-burning cook stove

What can I replace my old wood stove with?
The replacement appliance can be an EPA certified wood burning appliance, a high efficiency pellet stove, or a gas, propane, or electric stove. To be eligible for an incentive an old wood stove or insert must be replaced and the old appliance must be destroyed. It cannot be reused at another property or in a shed for example. Your participating retailer can help you to determine how to remove and decommission your old stove and what new appliances qualify.

What if I took out my old stove prior to the start of this program?
We’re sorry but you are not eligible for the rebate. The purpose of the rebate is to incentivize people to remove non-compliant stoves currently in use.

Why are the rebates higher in other RD’s/local government areas?
The provincial rebate is $250 per appliance. Additional discounts may be available from participating retailers. Please discuss this with your retailer. In some cases, other local governments may provide additional incentives. The SRD does not offer any additional incentives at this time.

Will this program run again next year?
We hope so but it is dependent upon provincial funding and how well the program runs this year.

I live in the City of Campbell River. Am I eligible?
Not at this time. The City of Campbell River has successfully run their own program for several years. The priority of the SRD program is to provide regional district residents with the same opportunity.

What is a participating retailer?
These are local retailers that have approached the Regional District to participate in the program or have participated in the past with the City of Campbell River. These retailers are familiar with the wood stove exchange program and can help make the process easier for applicants. They have signed an agreement with the Regional District to be bound by the rules of the program.

Do I have to purchase an appliance from a participating retailer?
No. You may select another retailer of your choosing or install it yourself. You must make sure that the appliance qualifies; complete the steps outlined in the program brochure and voucher to claim your rebate. You must also ensure that the new appliance installation is in compliance with relevant codes and you obtain a WETT inspection report (if installing a wood or pellet stove) or a BC Safety Authority Gas Installation Permit (if installing a gas stove/fireplace).

Can I exchange a stove at a rental property?
Yes – as long as you are the registered owner(s) of the property. Payment will be issued in the name of the registered owner(s).

Where can I get more information about the program?