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Your Feedback is Needed – Help Shape Area C’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

SRD is pleased to share the draft Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for Area C, Discovery Islands & Mainland Inlets!

The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) is pleased to share the draft Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for Area C, Discovery Islands & Mainland Inlets!

The ICSP will establish the long-term vision and goals for the future of Area C, to guide decision-making and to support the future development of more detailed planning documents, such as Official Community Plans and zoning bylaws. The ICSP process will also help the SRD identify and articulate the priority projects, policies, plans and programs that should be implemented to move towards the vision and goals.

The draft vision and goals were developed based on task force input, public and stakeholder organization input gathered through the previous phase of the project, and with the ICSP knowledge and experience of WCS Engagement + Planning – the new project consultants.

The draft ‘Plan on a Page’ ICSP core content consists of the vision, goals and key initiatives, which are presented online at for public review and feedback.

The vision and goals are a high-level description of the desired future for the area and will serve as our compass or north star for decision-making and for the development of more detailed plans and regulations. All goals are important, inter-dependent, and in no particular order. Some of the goal statements might be true today (and we want to maintain them into the future), and some represent stretch goals to strive for over time.

The key initiatives are ideas for how to move Area C toward the vision and goals. These ideas will be considered for implementation through SRD planning and budgeting processes.

The final ICSP will also include some key indicators for tracking progress toward the vision and goals.

The ICSP task force helped to shape the draft vision, goals, and key initiatives. We thank them for their time and energy – and their passion for this place.

Community Members, please review the draft ICSP ‘Plan on a Page‘ and tell us what you think by submitting a feedback form by November 30, 2022 at

A printed version can be found in the November 11th Discovery Islander edition.  Completed printed feedback forms can be dropped off at the Quadra Island Community Centre, Heriot Bay Tru Value Foods or SRD Corporate Office, 990 Cedar Street, Campbell River.

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Media Contacts: Meredith Starkey – SRD Manager, Planning and Parks   778-346-9143  |