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Strategic Priorities

The Strathcona Regional District has confirmed the following strategic objectives and key work projects to be funded in the 2015-2019 Financial Plan:

  • Connectivity: to develop, advocate and promote the extension of cellular and broadband connectivity across the Regional District. This will be achieved by advancing the Connected Coast Project to provide new backbone broadband infrastructure,supporting the development of last mile solutions and working with partners to facilitate digital uptake and maximize the end‐use benefits of improved internet and cellular connectivity.
  • First Nations Relationship Building: to build strong relationships with regional First Nation communities through a graduated approach that includes internal development and education on First Nations governance, protocols and culture; increased outreach and engagement informally and formally to build better government‐to‐government relations; and identifying a specific understanding of shared opportunities and challenges where First Nations and the Regional District may work together.
  • Community Health Network: to improve the community wellness of the region by addressing the social determinants of health through collaboration among a variety of partners that includes public, private and non‐profit organizations.
  • BC Ferries: to advocate on behalf of Regional District communities about BC ferries activities, fares and services.
  • Senior Government Advocacy: to advance, on political and administrative levels, issues that require advocacy to lessen conflict, improve transparency and increase operational efficiency.
  • Flooding/Sea Level Rise: to maintain awareness of sea level rise as a concern and to continue to advocate to senior levels of government in support of local solutions to identified risks.
  • Asset Management: to continue advancing the asset management strategy for implementing and improving regional district asset management practices.
  • Records Management: to determine, and then implement a cost effective and viable method to implement and operate a corporate records management system.