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Strategic Priorities

In 2020 – 2024, The Strathcona Regional District will focus on building better connections; in our communities, with our environment, through service delivery and in our internal and external relationships with the following strategic priorities:

Community Well-Being

  • Improve broadband and cellular infrastructure as well as digital initiatives that enable our communities to access the benefits of being more connected to each other and the world.
  • Identify and support transportation initiatives that safely move people, goods and services between our communities and beyond.
  • Support initiatives that develop robust and diverse economic conditions for our communities with income-generating opportunities for our residents.
  • Identify and support initiatives that improve health and well-being in our communities.
  • Support housing diversity so that our residents, young and old, can grow and stay in our communities.

Service Delivery

  • Value and respect the region’s diverse service needs and have regard for our impact on each other’s fiscal capacity.
  • Build sound and efficient systems to protect the region’s assets and records and sustain service levels in a fiscally responsible way.


  • Support and advocate for waste management initiatives that are both fiscally and environmentally responsible.
  • Support adaptation and mitigation of climate change through local and sub-regional initiatives.
  • Improve our understanding and ability to respond to flooding (sea level rise and storm surge) and wildfire.


  • Prioritize good governance that recognizes the diversity of our region and focuses on areas of common interests.
  • Continue to build relationships with First Nations communities within the region and explore areas of shared focus and opportunity.
  • Utilize our collective voice to advocate for issues of importance to our region.
  • Find ways to better lend our support to individual community needs.
  • Develop a proactive approach to engaging with our communities and communicating our decisions to the public.