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Strategic Priorities

The Strathcona Regional District has confirmed the following strategic objectives and key work projects to be funded in the 2015-2019 Financial Plan:

  •  Advocate Connectivity Coverage: to advocate, promote and encourage the extension of data and cellular services throughout the Regional District through direct political outreach, targeted analysis and business case development.
  • First Nations Relationship Building: to build strong relationships with regional First Nation communities through a graduated approach that includes internal development and education on First Nations issues, protocols and culture; outreach and engagement informally and formally to build better government-to-government relations; and specific understanding of First Nations issues that affect Regional District business and community interests.
  • Community Health Network: to improve the community wellness of the region by addressing the social determinants of health through collaboration among a variety of partners that includes public, private and non-profit organizations.
  • BC Ferries: to advocate on behalf of Regional District communities about BC ferries activities, fares and services participant services.
  • Senior Government Advocacy: to advance, on political and administrative levels, issues that require advocacy to lessen conflict, improve transparency and increase operational efficiency.
  • Electoral Area Administration: to establish a service that supports electoral area directors for Regional District governance, management costs and elections in rural areas.
  • Flooding/Sea Level Rise: to maintain awareness of sea level rise as a concern and to continue to advocate to senior levels of government in support of local solutions to identified risks.
  • Asset Management: to advance the asset management strategy for implementing and improving regional district asset management practices.
  • Records Management: to determine the most cost effective and viable method to implement and operate a corporate records system.