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If you are not in the area, please avoid visiting Sayward at this time.  Currently there are no critical infrastructure or residential homes impacted or at risk. Fire is believed to be human-caused.

Updates will be sent out as our regional Emergency Operation Centre receives them from the BC Wildfire Service via the SRD Alertable notification system.

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Quathiaski Cove Sewer System Update – April 28, 2023

The SRD is pleased to announce that our application for a capacity study to the Quathiaski Cove Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) under the Local Government Grant Act has been successful, and we have been awarded $10,000.

The objectives of the study will include the following:

  • Update the sewage treatment plant daily discharge volumes and rainfall graphics to present
  • Review of sewage flows to estimate average and maximum day inflow & infiltration
  • Development of design flows average and maximum per day
  • Review of gravity main capacity vs design flows, and identification of mains require upgrading
  • Comparison of design flows to treatment capacity and sewage discharge permit licenced limits
  • Review of outfall capacity vs design flows
  • Development of future development scenarios and projection of when discharge permit limits might be reached
  • Final report with recommendations

The total cost to complete the study is $23,000 with 100% of the funds available.  The SRD expects to have a complete report from our consultant Fall 2023.

The Regional District continues to seek funding opportunities to replace the Quathiaski Cove Sewer System and ensure the long-term sustainability of the community.

View QCove Water Study Approval Letter.

About the System

The Strathcona Regional District owns and operates the Quathiaski Cove Sanitary Sewerage System on the west side of Quadra Island, at Quathiaski Cove. The system was established in response to a voter-approved referendum in 1992/93 and formally established on May 30, 1994 with the passing of Bylaw No. 1588 which outlines collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of sewage for lands within the Local Service Area. The sewer service to all users within the service area is currently provided in accordance with Bylaw No. 173, Quathiaski Cove Sewer Rates and Regulations Bylaw 2013.

An extension of the system was successfully completed in late 2017, and brings an additional 43 properties onto the system.  The map of the Quathiaski Cove Sewer Service Area, including the afore-mentioned 43 properties is listed below.  Click on map to zoom in.

The service extension addresses key community sustainability goals, specifically around protecting the environment and supporting the creation of a village hub in the Quathiaski Cove area.

Quathiaski Cove Sewer Service

There have been a lot of changes to the sewer service in the last few years and 2020 was no exception. This year began with the hiring of a new operator for the Quathiaski Cove wastewater plant. The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) was very happy to employ a qualified Quadra resident to take on the sole operator position. The SRD would like to acknowledge Sharon Clandening for her years of operating the facility and thank her for all the work that she did to keep the system running.

The SRD was also able to finally complete the rehabilitation of the outfall pipe this year. After receiving several bids for the project, we were able to secure Upland Contracting Ltd. to complete the project and were able to do so under the projected budget.

User Rate Increases

The sewer service is responsible for collection, treatment, and disposal of waste for approximately 181 property owners. The cost of delivering these services is currently recovered through user fees, which need to be increased when predicted costs of providing the service exceed the current user fee rates. This includes the provision for operating costs and funding for the capital plans for asset replacement or renewal of sewer infrastructure.

The budgeted costs of providing the Quathiaski Cove sewer service require a 38% increase in user rates from the previous levels. User rates need to increase at a faster rate than expenses as this service has been relying on accumulated surpluses to fund operations. The Capital Reserve for this service is also very limited given the potential replacement cost of the infrastructure. Future rates will likely need to increase to fund annual contributions and/or support debt financing for any future replacement. No capital reserve transfer was budgeted for 2020 to minimize the required user rate increase.

Planning for the future

The current treatment plant is nearing the end of its lifecycle. The plant was purchased second-hand in 1994 as a starting point for the creation of a sewer service for the area. As with any mechanical process, with increased age comes increased risk of failure and as the plant is at the end of its useful life the risks of unrepairable failure become more and more realistic.

The SRD’s goal moving forward is to replace the existing plant to better treat the current demand and to plan for potential future expansion of the service area. The SRD applied for a grant to help fund this replacement with the hopes of award being given in the spring of 2021.

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • Email billing – Please contact or 250-830-6717 to receive utility invoices by email.
  • On-line banking – Available using your financial institution’s bill payment service.
  • Mailed cheque – Cheques with detachable portion of bill can be mailed to 301-990 Cedar St., Campbell River, B.C. V9W 7Z8. Cheques can be postdated to the due date.
  • In person payment – Visit the SRD Customer Service Centre, 990 Cedar St., Campbell River, B.C. and pay by debit card, Visa, Mastercard, cheque or cash.

Contact Information:

  • Sewer Rates & Budget Inquiries – 250.830.6700 |
  • Sewer Connections, Concerns & Questions – 250.830.6700 |
  • Emergency – Sanitary Sewer & Water Contact Information:
    SRD Community Services: 103 – 990 Cedar St.  Campbell River
    (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday):  250-830-6719
  • After Hours (Evenings and Weekends):  1-866-460-3652